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When growing up and looking to improve my physique, health and performance accurate and trustworthy information when it came to nutrition and training was hard to find.

As a result my development suffered.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of training and nutrition misinformation out there. 

I have heard too many stories of people investing great amounts of time and money only to make unnecessary changes to their training and nutrition, or worse, making adjustments that impair their physique development and relationship with food.

I want to be your guide.

Utilising my expertise in fitness and nutrition after years of working as a qualified nutritionist and trainer with clients and athletes, I have created in-depth nutrition and training articles and online coaching programmes to help guide you.

No training or nutrition nonsense!
Just simple, evidence-based, practical training and nutrition.

Josh (Nutrition JD)

Online Coaching

The Evolve Programme

Looking to transform your physique?

Time to optimise your health?

Do you want the greatest return on all your training efforts?

Gain a greater understanding of how to improve your training and nutrition?

Improve your relationship with food?

The Evolve Programme provides expert online nutrition coaching to help guide you to achieve results without excessive restriction, whilst being able to maintain your physique long-term.

This online coaching programme is open to both males and females.

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