The Nutrition Strong Programme

World Class Nutrition Support To Optimise Your Performance

Are you an athlete who wants to optimise their body composition?

If you are constantly striving to put in your best performance and putting all your efforts into your training, surely you want to maximise your time investment?

Are you are doing everything possible to be the best athlete you can be?

Are you getting the maximal benefit from your training allowing you to go in to competition more optimally prepared than your competitors. 

That’s me opposite. Before studying nutrition I always thought I was doing everything I could to optimise my performance. Endless hours in the gym and out on the field, reading training forums and magazines, watching online content to find that extra edge. Looking back now, I can see my approach was so wrong! A lack of understanding of how important nutrition was to optimising preparation, performance and recovery. No input from trusted nutrition expertise and quite simply a lack of consistent application!

 The Nutrition Strong Programme cuts through all the nutrition nonsense. My expertise as a nutritionist who has guided many professional and amateur athletes to take their training and performance to the next level will set out an individualised nutrition strategy. Every step of the way you are educated upon the what, why and the how, in order to improve your sporting performance long-term.

Too many individuals are overlooking their nutrition opportunities.

That is why the Nutrition Strong Programme focuses upon making the most of your nutrition to accelerate your athletic performance.

No shortcuts.

No restrictive diets.

No magic supplements.

Just evidence-based nutrition strategies that I have consistently implemented with athletes to achieve the best possible results. 

How will we go about achieving your goals?

Dietary Assessment

I will conduct an in-depth analysis of your current nutrition which will then guide the individualised nutrition strategy. All clients have access to a private dietary assessment app.  

Nutrition Strategy

Based upon your specific goals a tailored nutrition strategy is created to maximise the impact of your nutrition upon training and performance. This shall be regularly re-evaluated based upon progress.

Meal Plan (Example Menus)

Example menus are created based upon the nutrition strategy and your dietary personal preferences. This shall act as a guide on how both training and non-training days are structured nutritionally to makes sure you are making the most of each nutrition opportunity.

Skype Consultation

Weekly online consultations are conducted to review progress, answer any questions that you may have and plan ahead. This is also a fantastic opportunity to enhance nutrition knowledge to understand the what, how and why of nutrition.  

Email Support

Daily email access is provided to all clients where they can provide regular updates upon progress and ask any nutrition questions to enhance their nutrition knowledge.

Daily Monitoring

Within the private client online area clients shall have access to spreadsheets to track their progress throughout the coaching period. This data shall be continuously re-evaluated to provide feedback upon progress and the nutrition strategy.

Educational Resources

A big part of the Athlete Nutrition Edge Programme is for the athlete to understand what they are doing and why. Educational handbooks, infographics and videos are accessible within the private client area to increase nutrition knowledge.

Recipe Book

There will be no boring tasteless meals found here. It is important that food is enjoyed by the athlete. Too many individuals unnecessarily restrict their dietary options. The recipe books available to all clients shall provide quick and easy meals to allow the athlete to put their nutrition strategy in to practice.

Supplement Advice

A food-first approach is used with all clients, where dietary intake is optimised first before considering supplement use. When appropriate evidence-based nutrition advice regarding supplements shall be provided.

I have also gained experienced or consulted with numerous professional sports teams and organisations from around the world:

  • Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)
  • Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)
  • University of Leeds Sport Scholarship Programme
  • Blackburn Rovers Football Club (Academy)
  • Lancashire County Cricket Club
  • Northamptonshire County Cricket Club
  • Sri Lanka Cricket (Senior National Team)
  • Seattle Seahawks (NFL)
  • University of Oregon
  • Sale Sharks Rugby Union Club (Academy)

Here are previous clients who now have the nutrition edge

“Josh planned individualised strategies to support my training, whilst optimising my match performance and recovery. His professional advice boosted my confidence knowing that I was going into each match optimally prepared. He is incredibly professional and by far the best nutritionist I have worked with.”


“Josh’s expert knowledge and personable approach were second to none. The nutritional strategies on the back of that were top quality and enabled me to achieve my pre-season body composition targets.”


“Josh made me realise how to enjoy food and still make progress with my body composition goals. Now, after working with him, I have a greater understanding of what I need to fuel my performance.”


“I have really enjoyed working with Josh as part of my sports scholarship at the University of Leeds. He took the time to get to know me, understand my individual needs for training and competition and gave me personalised nutrition advice based on that information. I’ve found him to be very knowledgeable and his support was crucial in helping me achieve new personal bests. I’d definitely recommend working with Josh to anyone!”


“Josh’s detailed nutrition approach ensured that I was able to improve my body composition, whilst optimising my training performance during pre-season. His support throughout the season for my international competition calendar played an important role in allowing me to be in peak condition at each event. ”



Are you seriously motivated about taking your performance to the next level?

Do you want to get the most out of every training session and get the greatest return on your time investment come competition day?

Are you looking for nutrition expertise that you can trust and will provide effective evidence-based nutrition advice? 

How about continued support and accountability to ensure you reach the goals you are so motivated to achieve?

Unsure how to structure you daily nutrition? Our example daily menus take the guess work out and show you how to structure your training and non-training days, as well as competition day. 

Bored of tasteless meals? Get in the kitchen with the client recipe books that are packed full of quick and easy to make meals with plenty of taste! 

Maybe you need to improve your nutrition knowledge? Access to educational resources ensure you fully understand what you are doing, why you are doing it and how to continuously implement this.


For the price of nearly 2 coffees per day you can have access to world class nutrition expertise to guide you towards achieving your goals.

Too many people look for shortcuts when it comes to nutrition and seek out help for as cheap as possible. This can sometimes lead to receiving advice from unsuitably qualified individuals who do not have specific nutrition expertise. The end result? Sub-optimal performance, unnecessary dietary restrictions and not enjoying your food! Is this the greatest return on your financial and time investment, or achieving the outcome your training efforts deserve?

I offer professional nutrition advice utilising my extensive knowledge gained from studying nutrition to masters degree level at university, in combination with my real world experience helping athletes at both professional and amateur level to consistently achieve results.    


I want to hear how I can help you? I offer all client applications a free coaching call to discuss their goals and I outline a plan of how we would achieve this.

Do you want to gain the nutrition edge?